Innovation and Technology

Investing in The Future of Medical Cannabis

Hailing from Israel, renowned for its world-leading cannabinoid research, IMC invests and supports both clinical research and technological innovations that push the boundaries and applications of cannabinoids to better the lives of patients around the world.

IMC is proud to partner with leading Israeli academic institutions that have produced numerous Nobel Prize Laureates, including the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Through investment, sponsorship, and collaboration with leading scientists, IMC actively advances cutting-edge research and innovation in the medical cannabis field.

Investing in Innovation

IMC has invested and owns a minority stake in Xinteza, a biosynthesis and bio-extraction technology company that was founded within the Weizmann Institute of Science. Based on disruptive plant genetics and metabolomics research led by Professor Asaph Aharoni, Xinteza is developing advanced proprietary technologies related to the production of cannabinoid-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (“API”) for the pharmaceutical and food industries.
IMC continues to support cannabinoid R&D by actively identifying additional investment and partnership opportunities that push innovation boundaries and could provide high commercialization potential.

Supporting Clinical and Scientific Research

In collaboration with Prof. Dedi Meiri at the Technion (the Israeli equivalent to MIT), IMC supported various studies including an investigative study of the correlations between Phyto-cannabinoid treatment and migraine frequency. In this study that included IMC-branded medical cannabis usage, results showed that medical cannabis treatment provides a long-term reduction in migraine frequencies in more than 60% of treated patients.

The Company is also involved with and supports research conducted by Cannadorf and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This research focuses on in-vitro micropropagation for the purpose of commercializing methods for tissue culture propagation by use of sterile cultures. As part of the collaboration with Cannadorf and the University, the Company provides the researchers with proprietary cannabis plant materials including leaves and fresh inflorescences (complete flower). If the research proves to be successful, the company and Cannadorf will discuss collaboration in commercializing the technology.