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Leading International Innovation

IQC Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Raw Materials System  

IMC is one of the world’s most advanced cannabis cultivators. Utilizing a decade of cannabis growing, harvesting and processing experience, the company has implemented industrial and technological innovation in medical cannabis production.

Patent Pending Processing

We have developed unique, patent pending processing equipment and GMP-certified pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products that enable us to fully optimize the medical cannabis growing and production processes, allowing us to offer our retail and wholesale clients world class products.

Cannabis Raw Materials System

IMC has designed and developed a unique conveyor system,  in our packing facility that moves the raw materials of the medical cannabis along a track automatically.

The materials undergo various automated sorting processes while on the conveyor belt, reducing the human labor required for sorting and processing.

Our system all automatically transfers the materials automatically from harvesting to the final flower drying stage. The raw materials are sorted while moving along the track.

The Process

As part of the conveyor system, IMC uses another machine strips the cannabis branches. From there, the leaves and flowers are separated along the conveyor belt and into our trimming machine, and lastly, they are handled by our workers for delicate processing before drying.

The use of our proprietary automatic system enables us to save time, expenses and manpower, to enable us to produce higher quality medical cannabis products at a faster rate and very competitive price

Cannabis Processing System

IMC has developed an innovative medical cannabis processing machine. This machine alone can save about 50% of the work time of cannabis processing.

Our proprietary processing machine automatically separates most of the leaves from the cannabis flowers, rather than workers doing it manually. The machine separates the leaves and the flowers to an almost finished state.

After the processing of the materials in the machine, they fall into an elevator that carries them to the conveyor belt, and only then does the manual work begin.

Maintaining Product Quality

The fairly-limited manual work is focused almost exclusively on ensuring the quality of the product, separating tiny leaves that have not yet been removed and carefully sorting the flowers. Only then are the flowers placed in the drying facilities.

Our processing machine does not only save time and the need for working hands, but it also ensures that the quality of the final product is much higher.