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Company Overview

IMC is an international cannabis company that provides premium cannabis products to medical patients in Israel and Germany, two of the largest medical cannabis markets. We recently exited operations in Canada to pivot our focus and resources to achieve sustainable and profitable growth in our highest value markets, Israel and Germany.

IMC leverages a transnational ecosystem powered by a unique data-driven approach and a globally sourced product supply chain. With an unwavering commitment to responsible growth and compliance with the strictest regulatory environments, we strive to amplify our commercial and brand power to become a global high-quality cannabis player.

The IMC ecosystem operates in Israel through our commercial relationship with Focus Medical Herbs Ltd., which imports and distributes cannabis to medical patients, leveraging years of proprietary data and patient insights. IMC also operates medical cannabis retail pharmacies, online platforms, distribution centers, and logistical hubs in Israel that enable the safe delivery and quality control of IMC products throughout the entire value chain.

In Germany, the IMC ecosystem operates through Adjupharm GmbH, where we distribute cannabis to pharmacies for medical cannabis patients. By taking full advantage of our fully licensed EU-GMP packing facility and our GDP logistics center, IMC also offers cannabis fulfillment services to the other players within the German cannabis market.

Until recently, the Company also actively operated in Canada through Trichome Financial Corp and its wholly owned subsidiaries, where it cultivated, processed, packaged, and sold premium and ultra-premium cannabis at its own facilities under the WAGNERS and Highland Grow brands for the adult-use market in Canada. The Company has exiting operations in Canada and considers these operations discontinued.

Offering Document under the Listed Issuer Financing Exemption

January 27, 2023

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Letter of Transmittal – 2019 Plan of Arrangement


Letter to Former Trichome Shareholders




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