About IMC

IM Cannabis Corp. (IMC) is a Multi-Country Operator (MCO) in the medical cannabis sector. The company is a leader and one of the first medical cannabis brands available in Israel for more than a decade. IMC is known by physicians and patients for its premium medicinal cannabis strains and extracts.

As a Multi-Country Operator, IMC boasts a Pan-European reach, with operations and distribution network in Germany as well as business partnerships in other Euro-zone countries. In Canada, where the company became the first Israeli-based medical cannabis company to be publicly listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, IMC is expanding its operational presence in 2021 into the adult-use cannabis space*.

Our Roots

As one of the global medical cannabis industry pioneers, the IMC brand was launched back in 2010 in Israel, the modern-era bedrock of cannabinoid-based therapies and medical cannabis research.

Leveraging long-term extensive experience and insights, IMC has successfully built brand recognition and loyalty among patients and physicians for its premium, consistent, high-quality medical cannabis products.

The company’s unparalleled expertise has enabled it to branch out and expand its business offerings. It provides intellectual property related services and consultancy to the medical cannabis industry born from proprietary processes and technologies developed by IMC for the production of medical cannabis products.

Global Expansion

Seeing firsthand the benefits cannabinoid-based therapies bring to patients in alleviating and treating symptoms for various and often severe medical conditions, IMC has set a long-term goal to bring its premium medical cannabis products to more patients around the world through a measured global expansion plan.


IMC’s primary European center of operations is in Germany, the largest and most advanced legal Cannabis market outside of North America and Israel. The German-based IMC subsidiary, Adjupharm GmbH, is an EU-GMP certified medical cannabis and pharmaceutical distributor which acts as the Company’s European hub and a gateway for future continent expansion. With an on-the-ground presence in the German market, the Company’s branded medical cannabis products are already being distributed to pharmacies, prescribed by physicians, and used by patients across Germany, further establishing IMC as a global brand.

IMC’s European presence is also augmented through strategic alliances with EU-GMP certified suppliers and distributors across the continent. This network provides IMC with the additional breadth, depth and scalability required to expand in Germany and throughout Europe as more jurisdictions move toward cannabis market reforms.

North America

As IMC’s third geographical pillar, the company has extended its Canadian market footing through the acquisition of Canadian-based Trichome Financial Corp*. As a publicly listed company on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: IMCC), this acquisition enhances IMC’s operational presence in Canada across various dimensions. It provides the Company with an advanced indoor cultivation and processing facility that diversifies IMC’s supply sources to local and international markets and adds an interprovincial distribution network for selling the Company’s products in the legal adult-use recreational and medical cannabis segments.

Furthermore, the acquisition of Trichome enhances IMC leadership’s bench strength thanks to the addition of a seasoned Canadian management team with M&A and restructuring expertise to further drive the Company’s growth in one of the world’s top three legal cannabis markets.

Future Growth

IMC plans to bring its premium products to patients and adult-use consumers around the world through continued expansion of its global presence. The company will accomplish this goal through a measured and purposeful acquisition strategy that hinges on:

  • The company’s unparalleled experience.
  • A proven track record at driving profitability.
  • Focusing on attractively valued and highly synergetic acquisition targets.

This formulation will continue to propel IMC as a driving force in the international medical cannabis industry.

*Acquisition of Trichome Financial Corp. was announced on Dec. 30, 2020 and expected to close during H1’21 subject to meeting all regulatory and closing requirements.