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About IMC

Growing – harvesting -processing – producing – distributing – patient

International Medical Cannabis (“IMC”) is a leading medical cannabis provider. Since 2010, the company has offered a full spectrum of government-licensed cannabis products, from generic to GMP-certified and pharmaceutical-grade, for both wholesale and retail clients. IMC is an industrial innovator, constantly moving forward in the rapidly developing medical cannabis market and closely collaborating with research institutions and start-up companies.

International Expansion

IMC is based in Israel & expanding internationally, currently focusing on the EU market. IMC initiated its strategy by acquiring a pharmaceutical distribution company in Germany with all licenses required for distribution of medical cannabis throughout Europe. IMC’s supply of EU-GMP pharma-grade medical cannabis products is available from a variety of sources, both EU cultivation farms.
The company operates a large industrial facility in compliance with strict medical cannabis laws and regulations ensuring world-class safety and quality standards. IMC has formed strong strategic alliances within the international medical cannabis industry and has developed a long-term, IP-protected product portfolio.

Industrial & Technological Innovation

Backed by 9 years of experience in the cultivation and processing of medical cannabis, IMC has developed proprietary industrial automation technologies that streamline and enhance cannabis production processes. Our standardization of processes and semi-automated harvesting enables us to achieve high-quality products in less time, with less workforce and a substantial reduction to operating costs.

Proprietary industrial automation technologies

World-class genetics

Worldwide leadership in cannabis clinical research

Perfect climate for optimal conditions

Optimal Cultivation Conditions

Our facilities are located in the most fertile agricultural zone in Israel, where there are 320 sunny days a year – a perfect climate that allows us to grow medical cannabis in optimal conditions while further reducing costs.

Israel is a world-renowned agricultural and technology center with a R&D track record of over 50 years since the isolation of THC and worldwide leadership in cannabis clinical research.


IMC has conducted extensive research with various start-up companies and research institutions, developing innovative technologies that fully optimize the medical cannabis growing and production processes, significantly improving the quality of the crops, and preventing diseases in the cannabis flowers.

Full spectrum of cannabis products

Quality assurance